Best Proxies for Mac

A proxy is immensionally helpful in protecting your privacy while browsing the internet. It securely encrypts your data so that third parties cannot spy or spoof your activities. There are many proxies for Mac you can go for, but it’s essential to get one with adequate aspects, such as speed & reliability, to enhance your productivity. So, go through the list below to get the best proxies for your Mac. 


Below is the list of the top 7 proxies for Mac you use on your device. 

1. Bright Data

The first proxy in our list is Bright Data, which is available for both Mac and Windows. The best thing about this proxy for Mac is it is available across multiple countries like the US, Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, France, China, Canada, etc. 

Bright Data allows you to determine who has access to each proxy, including white & blacklists, which countries to focus on, and more. You can also optimize your performance by smartly managing all your IPs and their metric in one place. What makes it convenient is an intuitively designed user interface. 

You can also route through proxy networks and set custom rules to decrease costs in a cost-effective blend. Moreover, to reduce bandwidth, you can use proxy manager feature, likewise, regex and customize rules to decrease traffic. This proxy is available in different variants: Residential proxies, data center proxies, ISP proxies, and Mobile proxies. 

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2. Oxylabs

Another top-rated proxy available in the list is the Qxylabs. The proxy for Mac offers a clean interface, so it’s easy to navigate the features. Oxylabs has multiple versions, such as Residential proxies and Rotating ISP proxies. 

The proxy is that they offers unlimited concurrent sessions, which means there is no limit on concurrent sessions, so you can handily scale up web scraping projects whenever required. Besides, this backconnect proxy offers access to a continuously rotating proxy pool, allowing you to control sessions and avoid CAPTCHAs and IP bans. 

It is a reliable proxy offering extremely stable connections and ensuring quick data recovery. Besides this, it also ensures the network is constantly expanding and upgrading. Moreover, it also enables you to manage your account using simple tools. And if you’ve any queries using it, Oxylabs offers 24/7 support. 

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3. Smart Proxy

Smart Proxy is another excellent choice if you are searching for the best proxies for your Mac. It’s a premium proxy infrastructure with industry-leading residential proxies. This proxy network is ideal for bypassing geo-restrictions, CAPTCHAs, and IP blocks. It offers ethically sourced IPs with a large pool, wide location coverage, and a high success rate. 

Besides this, ready-to-use scraping APIs simplify public data collection via batch, synchronization, and asynchronization. The best part is that this API ensures a 100% success rate, stable praising, cookies, and header support. The Smart proxy residential proxy is private IP addresses, meaning that traffic will be routed through real devices.

Datacenter proxies are shared IP addresses generated by powerful machines. The proxy is fast and reliable, you can send unlimited concurrent requests and get data access quickly. Lastly, it’s available in different regions, such as US, Germany, UK, Canada, Japan, and India. 

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NGINX is a popular Proxies that you can use to access restricted websites on your Mac. There are multiple locations where you can connect and hide your internet presence from the prying eyes of hackers. Alongside this NGINX, it includes beautiful UI and is handy to use. 

It includes built-in encryption support that allows you to secure your web services at no cost. The best part is that these certificates even renew themselves. Moreover, you can configure other users to either view and manage their personal host. 

This proxy is more convenient because it includes a pre-installed docker image that enables you to easily forward to your website running at the office or otherwise. However, the only drawback of this proxy is it’s complicated to set up on your Mac computer. 

Download NGINX

5. IPRoyal 

The IPRoyal is an excellent proxy for Mac because it lets you stay private and never get detected or blocked. With this proxy, you can unblock geo-restrictions and get city-level targeting, with millions of proxies in over 195 countries. 

It’s super convenient, as it lets you jump over a new proxy with just a click of a button. You get a personal dashboard or a simple API to hinder your API anytime. And the best part is that it allows you to auto-rotate your IP address automatically every 1, 10, or 30 minutes, and you can keep the same IP address for up to 7 days for a smoother gaming and browsing experience. 

Besides this, you can run concurrent sessions you need with no restrictions and limits. The proxy lets you stay anonymous, you can browse through internet fearless. And there are no chances of exposing your personal data as it has a proxy guard that prevents accidental leaks by keeping your device, location, and ISP hidden. Keeping all things in mind, it’s still one of the affordable proxy for Mac. 

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6. Shifter

Shifter proxy for Mac offers all the necessary infrastructure features to scale your operation. It provides global coverage and advanced configuration such as custom IP rotation, GEO targeting, and low latencies optimized for data extraction. It has advanced scraping technology, and proxy networks are available in one API handling.

The Shifter provides excellent worldwide connectivity, robust networking product & Tier-1 bandwidth. Moreover, this Proxy Server Software is ultra-fast speed that lets you enjoy very low latencies due to disturbed cloud infrastructure. And unlike other proxies, it offers unlimited sessions so that you can scale your projects indefinitely whenever required. 

Moreover, you can access a globally distributed proxy network with coverage in all countries worldwide. It’s developer-friendly and lets you connect multiple protocols, including HTTPS & Socks ⅘. Keeping all this aside, this Proxy servers for Mac is easy to configure or update settings on your services. 

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7. Proxy-Cheap

If you’re searching for an affordable proxy solution for Mac consider buying Proxy-cheap. This proxy cheap offers access to the most essential range of business locations, allowing users to work with the best company and team around the globe. 

Every proxy in the network is anonymous, and IPs are offered with enhanced rotation to ensure you will only get tested, working proxy directly in the pool, within the specific location of your choice. This makes it as one of the most inexpensive and accessible proxy networks to use while dressing the complete workload of maintenance and allows Proxy Cheap to focus on the excellence of their customer support. 

Besides all this, the proxies for Mac work excellently is many cases, likewise, purchases of limited editions, social media account creation, etc. 

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Final Thought!

Do you prefer using a proxy on Mac? Let us know which works best for you in the comment box below. You should also check out VPN vs. Proxy to know which one is more helpful. 

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